– MonaLisa Touch galardonado como el mejor producto de calidad

MonaLisa Touch procedure has been presented during the International Convention on Public Health “Cuba Salud 2015” held from 20th to 24th of April at Havana (Cuba) and it has been awarded as The Best Quality Product.

More than 150 companies over the world have attended this important exhibition and only MonaLisa Touch – the innovative procedure produced and commercialized by DEKA – received this important award by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education of the Cuban Republic . “We are very proud of it” said Dario Di Fiore (DEKA South and Central America Sales Manager) “I noticed a great interest in this new procedure. We started working with Cuba in 2007 and we are noticing an increasing interest in new medical products and new applications.
Many doctors attended my presentation about MonaLisa Touch product at this workshop and after the Cuba Salud 2015 award we have great expectations to increase our sales in this market

Dr. Pablo Gonzales Isaza, M.D. – San Jorge University Hospital,Pereira (Colombia)

“I found MonaLisa Touch excellent also for women who have vulvar and perineal discoloration, lack of tone and breeches to the vaginal outlet as well as trophic labia needs. All of my patients who have undergone MonaLisa Touch either have immediate tightening of the vagina and an increased lubrication. After a course of three treatments, the results are expected to last for 12 month and over”

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